Chapter 1 Downtime

Player Activities

Kantor (Kevin)

  • Bountying Hunting
  • Investigating what caused irexi tribe to flee and tying in person backstory

Also needs to roll >.<

Pyxvxi (Merle)

  • Bountying hunting
  • Investigating dropped case
  • Playing music for cash
    • Rolled a 24
  • Graffiting the town (like an outlaw)


Accidentally acquired a significant amount of notoriety after their tags were discovered on a crime scene involving a masked vigilant. A 50 gold reward is being offered to anybody who knows anything regarding the symbol and it's origin.

Pansy (Buzzell)

  • Personal quest!
    • Looking for his missing wizard
  • Investigating dropped case


Needs to roll >.<

Pelta (Brian)

  • Investigating droppped case
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Rolled a 24


You've discovered nothing but dead ends. It's like the entire man hunt had never happened. Though whoever ordered the investigation be canceled had enough sway and influence that everyone followed in step.

Sweet Tooth (Rob)

  • 2 Weeks of bounty hunting
  • Rolled 14


Finally caught up and apprehended Hamond Moory, a illusive criminal wanted for aggravated assault and thought to have caused a local uprising in a nearby village. He's also wanted for questioning for many caravan disappearances. He's been a thrown in your side for months and this is a major victory for you and your renown.

Head price was 250 for returning him alive, with most of his blood near his body.

Unfortunately it was his lackey using a disguise self spell so the head price was moot.


Magic Rapior

Magic Ring

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