Campaign Silang

Chapter 1 :: In Search of the Flute of Infinity

  1. Party was asked to find a rare flute found within a cave system in the Silang Pass. The cave system in question Crystal Hallow, has beautiful crystal walls and ceiling and is known for being dangerous.
  2. The party stumbled into the cave system and found what they were looking for, and much much more. A mysterious character caused a fracture within the cave system and trapping the players inside.
    1. “Sana” and Estin reached out to the party while taking the forms of void wolfs in dream. They mentioned an urgent need to speak with xxx. It was interrupted by an unknown force taking the form of a void dragon.
  3. After being woken by a strange dream, the players get wrapped up in a murder mystery that's very much out of their control. The players are questioned by the town guard as they were possible witnesses in a gruesome murder that took place that very night.
    1. The players visited Pelta's family to discuss matters of the warp gate they found. Pelta's father did not take their concerns seriously, instead brushing it off as a fantasy.
  4. The party discovered a sketchy blood filled tunnel in the basement of the Fafvald's safe house.
  5. The party discovered that one of their very own was wanted be the city police. They attempt to gather more information on the matter only to discver it was dropped under very mysterious circumstances.

Chapter 2 :: Bringing the Portal to Light

Silang-Pass Encyclopedia


Málos Aurum

  • Kinista - God of Knowledge
  • Iris - God of War and Discovery
  • Ophine - God of Leadership and Family


Kvenora - Málos Elven city and first stop after the Silang Pass. Frequently trades with outsides, something rarely done otherwise.

  • The Fearless Flumph - Adventurer and upscale tavern for weary hungry travelers.
  • City outskirts - Home to many small farming communities. Often made up of primary by elves but there exists a large population of Leshie and half-lings as well.

Oxtown - Human Trade town and start of the Silang Pass

  • Aquatic Ox - Oxtorn tavern frequented by outsiders

Lost Town - Elven hamlet lost in in reality. The party was able to stumble into it by accident and got away just as quickly.


Istonor (Knowledge Giver)

An incredibly high honor to be graced by the wisdom of a member of the Istonor, they sit in the highest positions of wisdom and advise the dignitaries and council members directly on large decisions. Their goals and focus are exclusively on expanding the understanding of the known world.

Ri'ëna (Silver Eyes or Silver Seekers)

It's not known where the Ri'ëna come from or their motivations. Parents tell stories of the Ri'ëna to scare their childeren and keep them in line. Don't go into the forest or they'll take you and steal your soul. While certainly not true the mythos has built up quite the fearful reputation of the Ri'ëna.

This reputation is not helped by their otherworldly appearances. While they come in all normal shapes and sizes of elves they all share haunted grey eyes. Often seen staring past people, as if looking for some haunted force preparing to cross the horizon. Their skin is often paler then typical and they never appear to age, leading to the common, though hushed, academic theory they may be inflicted with a type of controlled, slow acting vamparism.

All Ri'ëna act according to a single charter. Never seen publicly contradicting an unknown set of rules they all follow seemingly religiously. Publicly they work to keep artifacts of the Three, acting to retrieve new ones when they make themselves known. They're also known to be the private protectors of the monarch, often lending out their services to visiting dignitaries and other people of great importance. Quite possible the worst kept secret is they act as the Councils personal wet workers, making problematic individuals disappear, typically with several arrows to the throat in the dead of night. Though it's impossible to prove, the efficiency and brutally to the killings only add to their mystic and societies fears of them.


Rogue/Adventuring Characters


Male Half-orc barbarian druid.

Leader of the Fafvald Company and is known for being fierce but empathetic. Suspected by many to be one of the largest smugglers of goods in and out of Kvenora.

Lembur & Cagly

Gnome twins (older male, younger female) abandoned at birth. Fafvald is training the two to one day run the company.

They have a knack for business are leading the group to new success. The only people Fafvald trusts more then himself are Lembur & Cagly.

Political Characters

Cassoway | Cassoway'Meyar | Istonor

Blind female Málos Elf skilled in mage craft and true sight.

She is able to see glimpses of the future which is often used by folks in political situations to ease tensions between factions. She isn't known for talking sides and will try to find a common ground, though she does have a strong sense of morals that prevent her from getting involved in more decisive decision making.

Cassoway currently hosts a prestigious position within the Kvenora University as a senior member of faculty. Her personal assistant and long time research fellow Estin is often seen trailing her, filling in to teach classes when she is preoccupied or otherwise disposed. It's often joked that Cassoway keeps him around because he's willing to do her dirty work but in fact he offers greater insight into her research, often expanding on them in ways Cassoway didn't think of.

She is 5'8 and has long brown hair but rarely wears it in anything but a bun. She has sharp facial features and a fair complexion likely from spending most of her time in dimly lit research laboratories. She rarely holds any emotion in her facial expressions, instead relying on context to present her feelings on a subject. She often leads to miscommunications with anyone unfamiliar with her method of teaching and frequently involves Estin cleaning up the situation.

Estin | Estin'Meyar

Male Málos Elven wizard who is currently an apprentice to Cassoway.

Easy going and well mannered and always eager to please. His general competency with magic is rivaled by only Cassoway. He's turned down several requests for tenure for several other colleges as he is generally unconvinced he's done his studies. He's taken Cassoways advice of "You'll know that you're ready in time." to heart.

He is 5'10 and has short brown curly hair. He wears a large pair of glasses that will often slide down his noise when he's deep in thought. He dreams of someday sporting a beard to rival that of his father, but is currently unable to get anything respectable to grow.

Sarasa | Sarasa'kee | Ri'ëna

Female Hloan Elf Rogue. Short with darker blueish skin. Straight black Hair frequently up in a bun or ponytail.

Loud and in your face and willing to get her hands dirty to get the job done. She has a penitence for taking calculated risks which has caused her great trouble in the past. Her general successes, however, has allowed her to quickly rise through the ranks often against the behest of her superiors.

Sarasa's is 5'5 with fairly dark skin with deep shades of blue and purple dotted about her. Her face and nose is sharp, with sunken eyes often cast in shadow. Her ears are adorned with silver and gold jewelry and studs in a disorganized pattern. She keeps her emotions close and guarded, relying on actions to tell her story.

She's taken a special liking to Cici and has taken her under her wing to mentor. She is known to be incredible protective of Lyka, often picking fights with folks who dare bring up Lyka's outsider status.

Cici | Cici'Mae | Ri'ëna

Female Málos Elven ranger. Tall, quiet and unassuming. Sarra's trusted second.

Cici is eager to please those around her, which has a tendency to be read as naivety. Though not a prankster at heart she tends to follow Sarasa's queues and will encourage the behavior often at her own folly. She was born outside of the Oron Peninsula has a odd amalgamation of accents that often gets her labeled as a Mea'ennie //(Elven Foreigner)//. Cici has spent her life searching for her home and then dedicated her life to protecting it, so being constantly referred to as an outsider hurts. During her training and education she put several times as much work into her studies as any other student, likely compensating for the outsider title.

Cici is 5'11 with fair skin and blonde hair. She stands several inches taller then most Málos elves and a head taller then Sarasa. Her eyes are largely prominent on her face, with her silvery eyes being almost impossible to miss. During conversations her face tends to rest in an almost confused befuddled state. When excited her eyes and rosy cheeks light up and express the most blissful excitement. It's difficult for anyone to be in a sour mood when Cici is excited about something.


Maurice & Whelsh

A pair of married Leshies living in the northern outskirts of Kvenora. They have a teenage son named Ball.

Davnor Valdi

Male Málos Elven Archaeologist scholar. Scraggly and unkempt. Adjunct Prof. at Kvenora University.

Works as an adjunct professor at the Kvenora University. A budding demonologist eager to prove himself to his higher ups and himself. Where he lacks confidence he has bountiful book knowledge on the inner workings of many things evil. His dream is to one day found the Demonology of the university.

He is young though it's difficult to tell through his disheveled clothes and hair. He's got unkempt facial hair and a mop of lightish red curly hair weeks overdue for a combing. Still being a young scholar he's often given lesser more manual work the other tenured professors refuse. His students often joke that Davnor keeps his writing supplies with his hair, but in fact they're just twigs and sticks from crawling around behind walls and in trees while completing others busywork.


Male Dwarf blacksmith. Pale complexion with curly brown hair, slightly taller then the average dwarf. Complex and intricate braids hang from his hair and beard. Master blacksmith for the Kvenora University

It's unclear what led a dwarf deep into the elven jungles let alone work personally for the elven elite. Perhaps it's that Fenmarel never fit in with the other dwarves due to his freakish height or love of pomp and circumstance. Perhaps it's that the elves are rarely willing to get their own hands dirty doing what's required to create masterpiece coats of arms and as such pay exceptionally well. Or maybe it's as simple as Fenmarel is afraid of the dark and as such, prefers the well lit corridors of the elves. Regardless of the reason Fenmarel is renowned within the upper echelon as the creator of the most exquisite arms and armor within the city walls. To have something custom made by the dwarf is quite the honor indeed.



The primary language spoken in Málos Aurum. There are several other smaller dialects spoken in the northern tribes.


Málos Aurum

The largest ruling kingdom of the Oron Peninsula. The population mostly consists of Málos Elves, though other smaller factions still exist they are often relegated to lower class lifestyles. The name originates from the Aurum mountain ranges that bisect the peninsula.

The Capital city of Everstrum sits proud while it's sister cities continue to via for political influence. Kvenora has become a massive trade hub due in part to the opening of the border between it and Oxtown. While treacherous, Silang pass accounts for a majority of incoming wealth to the kingdom.


Málos Aurum consists of several city-states unified under a single rule. Each state sends 2 representatives to a central Parliament to deliberate on large scale issues. The Parliament decides matters or conflicts between the states, such as raising funds or levying an army. Recently these positions have been filled by elected officials but it's not always been this way and it's up to the state to decide how to fill these positions. The Parliament is able to override or nullify certain decisions made by the leading monarch but this power has rarely been used within anyone currents lifetime.

Each state has it's own Parliament which is called the state senate. These handle matters local to the state and each state dictates are electorates are decided. Due to the Last War Treaty states are forbidden from forming their own army beyond what is minimally necessary for self defense.

The Monarch is the singular leader of Málos Aurum. They make decisions on military usage as well as dictate foreign policy. The monarch is a spiritual leader and is often gifted by visions of the three sisters gods, though, is has been many decades since a sitting monarch has communed. Given the military strength reductions requirements of the Last War Treaty and monarch is little to do beyond council and is otherwise currently a figurehead.



Major Trade City. Pop. 16,000


Capital City. Pop. 22,000


Small Mountain City. Pop. 11,000


Small Mountain City. Pop. 7,000


Small Mountain/Farming City. Pop. 14,000


Oron Peninsula

Northern tip of the continent. Home of the Málos Aurum and several other smaller tribes. The primary language is Málon though many other smaller dialects are known to be used.

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